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Owner of Stellar Award-Nominated Record Label & Popular Gospel Jazz Musician, Terrence Richburg, Steps Out As A Solo Artist with Three Music Projects Dropping On June 29, 2018: Artist Also To Simultaneously Release New Book & Sophomore Writing, Soul of A Poet’s Heart

(Washington, DC) – June 8, 2018 – Many people know Terrence Richburg as a Gospel jazz musician and producer. As a Gospel jazz artist, he’s performed as R&R (with saxophonist Howard E. Riley, Jr.) and The Terrence Richburg Experience. As a multi-instrumentalist, musical director and producer, he’s worked with top artists including Richard Smallwood & Vision, Maurette Brown Clark, Vanessa R. Williams, Tramaine Hawkins, Shirley Caesar, Yolanda Adams, Ben Tankard, Gerald Albright, Jennifer Holliday, The Winans, and late gospel icons Walter Hawkins and Rev. James Cleveland. A background vocalist, engineer, arranger, songwriter, minister of music and record label owner as well, he caught the attention of the Stellar Awards when praise and worship artist Terrell Hunt received a Stellar Award nomination for his project, Awesome, in 2009, an album released on Richburg’s own RichEscape Music record label. Now Richburg is stepping out from behind the scenes to center stage with an incredible set of new releases: three albums – RichSpirit One, Beyond Measure and Portrait of Adoration – and his sophomore writing, Soul of A Poet’s Heart. All four will release on June 29, 2018.

For this momentous occasion, Terrence Richburg will celebrate all four releases at a CD/Book Release Celebration that will take place on Friday, June 29, 2018 at 6:30PM at his church, Woodstream Church, 9800 Lottsford Road, Mitchellville, MD. The free event will feature performances by Richburg and an opportunity to purchase the book and three CDs. The projects will be available for purchase online on iTunes, Amazon and other digital retailers on Monday, July 2, 2018. Soul of A Poet’s Heart will be available later this month in all major bookstores and online book outlets.

The inspiration for the slew of simultaneous new releases came when Richburg realized how many great musicians and artists are leaving us. “I came to the conclusion that many artists were passing away at an early age – some without having completed all that they wanted to do or were meant to do,” shares Terrence. “I want to make sure that everything God has poured into me I’m able to share with the world.”

The prolific artist, who has been featured on numerous artists’ projects, has been in the music industry for decades. His parents, John and Wilhelmina Richburg, along with his uncle Julius Richburg, were known as the Richburg Singers and were signed to Atlantic Records and his aunt was world-renowned, jazz legend Ronnie Wells. With music in his blood, one of his upcoming releases, Rich Spirit One, was actually produced 25 years ago. The project, which shows a very different side of the artist, was initially created as background music for an exercise video. Unfortunately, the video was never widely released, but it left Richburg with timeless, up-tempo music to add to his repertoire. He decided to release it as the solo Gospel album, Rich Spirit One.

Portrait of Adoration, the second musical release, had unique origins as well. “Portrait of Adoration initially started as tunes I wrote and produced to serve as musical beds to accompany spoken word poetry,” he recounts. “My vision was that the music would complement poetry readings and enhance verbal intensity, which is a characteristic feature of the spoken word culture,” he says. But after working with the new music, he found that the songs could stand on their own as an album.

Beyond Measure is a CD that’s releasing on June 29th as well. The project differentiates itself from the other two in that it is a musical collage of all of the artist’s gifts. “Beyond Measure showcases much of the talent that God has given me,” says Richburg. “It’s a glimpse of all the things that God has done in me instrumentally and vocally, and as a composer/arranger.” The project also flaunts the artist’s musical diversity. He has a song on the project that has a commanding Latin jazz, big band flair and additional tracks that deliver a variety of sounds and styles. Richburg is also playing all the instrumentation and doing most of the singing himself on this and the other albums, with a few very special guest exceptions. He says that the project will present a side of him that few have heard. He says, “As an artist I’m presenting – for the first time – a different type of performing and writing that I feel is pretty exciting”.

Music isn’t the only gift that Richburg is showcasing with his upcoming releases. He’s also releasing his second book called “Soul of a Poet’s Heart”. He has been writing poetry for years, but just made the decision to introduce his writings to the world. He says, “I started writing ‘Soul of A Poet’s Heart’ in the 90s. My life went through some twists and turns during that time and it made me reflect on life. I was dealing with work issues as well as still grieving the loss of my father. Writing was therapeutic for me and helped me to deal with the major life changes I was going through at the time. But it also helped me to capture some pretty amazing life lessons and valuable wisdom I gained from all my experiences.” For more information about Terrence Richburg, log on to Connect with Terrence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.