Below is a list of a few individuals/companies who use or have used Tehillah Enterprises Public Relations, Marketing or Consulting Services.

Dr. Aaron Jones
Andrae' Crouch
Alvin Slaughter
Anita Wilson
Byron Cage
Damion Murrill & Siloam
Bishop David G. Evans
Bishop Derek Grier & Grace Church Worship Team
Dorothy Norwood
Earnest Pugh
Ebenezer AME Church
Eddie James
First Baptist Church of Glenarden
Gladys Knight
Pastor Jay Haizlip
Jonathan Butler
Madelyn Berry
Martha Munizzi
Mary Alessi
Mississippi Blind Boys
Pastor Bill Winston & Living Word Choir
Pastor Charles Jenkins
Pastor Riva Tims & Majestic Praise
Pastor Stephen Lowery & National Church of God
Phil French
Psalmist Raine
Reid Temple AME Church
Steve Dalton & The Leviticus Singers of Charlotte
Stephen Hurd
Steven Ford
Temple of Deliverance Women's Choir
Theresa Pinkney
Todd Ledbetter
Verity Records
Vickie Winans
Zomba Gospel
And many more!

Tehillah Enterprises represents a variety of clientele including the following:

Faith-based Music Artists, Organizations & Events

Gospel/Christian Recording Artists, Musicians & Songwriters
Ministers of Music
Worship Leaders
Choir Directors
Gospel Music Producers
Gospel & Christian Songwriters
Prophetic Psalmists or Minstrels
Gospel Music Conventions, Conferences or Workshops
Christian Music Conferences
Church Music Departments
Gospel Festivals or Events
Gospel Concerts
Live Recordings
Christian Events
Non-Commercial Gospel & Christian Radio Stations
Commercial Gospel & Christian Radio Stations
Online Gospel & Christian Radio Stations
Christian Bookstores
Gospel & Christian Music Award Shows
Gospel Plays
Christian Music Publishing Companies
Independent Christian Films
Christian Television Stations & Programs
Nationally-released Faith-based Films
Gospel & Christian Record Labels